Curriculum Vitae


First and last name Jacques Supcik
Title Doctor of Technical Sciences
Dipl. Informatik-Ing. ETH Zürich
Date and place of birth August 30 1967, Fribourg (Switzerland)
Civil status Married
Current address Pérolles d’En Haut 5
1752 Villars-sur-Glâne (Switzerland)
Phone / mobile +41 26 321 26 19 / +41 79 652 70 23
E-mail [email protected]
Driving license Car and motorcycle (A, B, D1, BE and D1

Interests and Objectives

  • My current professional interests and skills are in teaching, telecommunication, UNIX, Internet services, Internet security, open source software and Perl/Python programming.
  • My other interests are system programming, digital electronic engineering, embedded systems and robotics. I am doing this mostly as a hobby.
  • I like to do research, I like to build software, computer systems and digital electronic circuits, and I also like to teach and to do consulting.


1993-1998 Research and teaching assistant at the Swiss federal institute of technology
(ETHZ), in the group of Prof. N. Wirth, Zürich.
1987-1992 Swiss federal institute of technology (ETHZ), department of computer science, Zürich.
1983-1987 Collège St-Michel, Fribourg

Certificates and Degrees

1999 Doctor of technical sciences, ETH Zürich.
1992 Dipl. Informatik-Ing, ETH Zürich.
1987 Maturité fédérale (type C).


2013-Present Professor at the College of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg.
2007-2013 Team leader, senior system administrator and senior application developer in the security solutions sysadmin group of Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd, Bern.
2011-2013 Lecturer in Java Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures, Operating Systems and Concurrent Programming at the College of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg.
2006-2007 Senior application developer and information security officer in the security operation & engineering group of Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd, Bern.
1999-2005 Team leader and Internet engineer in the network application developers group of Swisscom Solutions AG, Bern / IP-Plus Internet services.
1998-1999 System and network administrator in the department of computer science of the Swiss institute of technology, Zürich.
1992 Modula-2 compiler and library design for embedded systems, Hiware AG (acquired by Motorola in 2000), Basel.
1990 Work placement in the avionics group of Vibro-Meter SA, Fribourg


1999 J. Supcik. Odéon: An Object-Oriented Data Model and its Integration in the Oberon System. Dr. sc. Thesis, ETH Zürich, Switzerland.
1997 J. Supcik and M. C. Norrie. An Object-Oriented Database Programming Environment for Oberon. In Proc. of the Joint Modular Languages Conference
(JMLC\u201997), Linz, Austria.
1994 J. Supcik. HP-Oberon: The Oberon Implementation for Hewlett-Packard
Apollo 9000 Series 700. Technical Report 212, Institute for Computer Systems, ETH Zürich, Switzerlan

Professional Skills


TCP/IP Networking (OSI stack, DNS, etc.)

I know most of the major Internet services including web (http, html, xml, e-mail (smtp, pop, imap, dns, proxy, ftp, …). I know how to install and manage the standard open source servers for these services.

Unix/Linux System Administration tasks

I have over ten years of solid experience in administrating Unix systems (mostly Linux, but also Solaris, BSD and HP-UX). I can install, configure and operate these systems. I know how to use modern tools such as CFEngine or Puppet to configure a large collection of servers.

Unix/Linux internals

I have many years of experience in programming in the UNIX environment, but I never wrote kernel components. I know enough internals to do most of the sysadmin tasks.

Algorithms & Data Structures

During my study at the ETHZ, I learned most of the algorithms and data structures that constitute the base of computer science. With Prof. N. Wirth, I learned how to write compilers and for my Dr. sc., I then went on to write an efficient Object-Oriented Database Management System.

Software Engineering

I know the current best practices of software engineering and I am regularly using software such as a modern revision control system or a bug tracking system.

IT Security

I know the current best practices to make IT systems reasonably safe. I know how to use and how to configure Firewalls, VPNs, IDS/IDPs, Anti-Virus and Spam filters. I also have very good
knowledge in PKIs and Digital Certificates.

Digital Electronic

During my studies, I learned how to design programmable digital electronic devices and embedded digital systems. During my free time, I built several small micro-controller based devices. Computer Languages


I wrote many scripts and many Nagios plugins in Perl. I used it to produce reports and to automate many Sysadmin tasks. I also wrote a web portal in Perl (using the Catalyst framework). In order to improve my skills, I attended some of Damian Conway’s great lectures on Perl.


I developed an internal web portal using Python and Django. I am also using Python for some small System Administration automation. I like this language and I am trying to use it more and


Java is my favorite language for teaching. I teach Java Programming to undergraduate students. I also use Java to illustrate my courses on algorithms and data structure and concurrent programming.

Shell Scripting (sh, bash, ksh, csh)

I am regularly writing shell scripts, but when the task gets too complex, I rapidly switch to Perl or Python.



I am used to manage a small team of engineers. Thanks to my technical background, it is always easy for me to keep the respect and the loyalty of my team. I worked in several large projects for Swisscom and I am used to manage the tasks and the resources involved in such projects.


As an assistant at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, I was very comfortable in all teaching activities. During my work for Swisscom, I used to give technical trainings to my colleagues and I formed several successful apprentices. Currently, I am also teaching Java Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures, Operating Systems and Concurrent Programming at the College of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg.

Contributions to Open Source Software

I have implemented the LDAP sub-system of amavisd-new, a high performance virus and SPAM checker written in Perl. I also published a couple a Perl modules on CPAN, SourceForge and Google Code and I made a small contribution to Bugzilla.

Spoken Languages

My mother tongue is French. I did my studies in Zürich and I am working for more than ten years in the German part of Switzerland, so I am very fluent in German. I use to read and to write in English every days, so I am very fluent in English as well.


  • Horses and horse riding
  • Robotic and digital electronic programming (member of the organizing committee of Fribot 2010 – 2014)
  • Linux and open source software. Founder of the Fribourg Open Source Community (FROSC).